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Out of many - One people

We started of in Negril for a couple of lazy beach days, but only after two days we couldn’t wait to get away from there. 

I mean, Yes, the beach is picture perfect with it’s clear turquoise water and white sand. But other than that, the beach could really have been anywhere in the world. Big hotel complex, all-inclusive style, where all of the money goes to already rich hotel owners who’s not a part of every day life in Jamaica.  However, we found no good VIBZ in Negril.


That all changed when we arrived in Treasure Beach on the south-west side of the island.  All of a sudden the nations motto all came together for us.

Out of many- One people

Voted as the best community on Jamaica in 2015- the welcome you get here couldn’t feel more family-like. Everybody we met was so friendly and kind. Starting the days of with a cup of coffee at Smurfs in the sunrise together with round traveler's and local people felt perfectly normal. For everybody it seemed. Talking and getting to know each other, listen to different kinds of life stories , its these meetings that enhance our life quality (for us at least). We even extended our stay at treasure beach and Katamah for a coulpe of days, it was just to good to leave.


But eventually you always leave. But no pity for us- we went up to the Blue mountains of Jamaica, over looking Kingston.

The thing about the Blue Mountains is their coffee. And for two coffee crazy swedes like us, that is heaven. We saw the fresh berries growing everywhere.  And next to the small houses along the stunningly beautiful mountain road people were sun drying the coffee cores before they sending them away to the local roastery. Together with the coffee plants there were also mango trees everywhere (unfortunately they were not in season) and we also found small wild growing cherry tomatoes. Had that rich, sweet tomato taste, best we ever had!





Jakes hotel (cooking class)



Pelican bar (?)