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The best experience by far, during this trip: a genuine sardinian agro tourismo which was like taken out of a fairytale

The pool on the backside of Il Muto Di Gallura in Aggius Sardinia.

The surroundings at Muti di Gallura is just breathtaking with their own vineyard and fruit trees. 

This trip came up very spontaneously. We decided to go only six days before we accually went. In fact, we prefer to stay in Sweden during the summers. They are the one top reason we love this country, because of the all-day-round sun light we lack the rest of the year. But this summer, after three weeks of round traveling in Bergslagen, the Swedish west coast and Gotland (which by the way were amazing) with a temperature never above 20 celcius degrees we had had enough; we lacked warm weather. So we went to Sardinia.


We rented a smart car and managed to, in only four days, live in four different accomondations, spend time on two astonishing beaches (ok, one of them may have been a bit too touristy for our taste), visit four different villages (two of them so beautifully picturesque, you could only imagine) and endless and endless of incredible, dramatic landscape while driving along the small mountain roads on the north side of the island. 


And the best experience by far, during this trip: a genuine Sardinian agro tourismo which was like taken out of a fairytale. Situated on top of a mountain, surrounded by cork oaks, olive- and fig trees and vine plants. Rosemary and bay leaves growing freely, giving away this magnificent smell. An italian old lady and her husband, with a very causal approach to their guests, more focused on getting on with their obligations on the farm (like cooking marmelade on the figs from their yard).  They also had two cute house dogs that followed us around and were very friendly.
And amongst all these wonderful stone brick houses you could also find their pool, where you could take a dip when the heat went unbearable. Which it did.

The beautiful village of Bosa


And not to forget the most important ingridiens during this four-day-trip: the food. Incredible food and a lot of it. How about newly made fresh ricotta cheese, spagetti and ravioli, fresh octopus, whole grilled roaster, flatbread and a whole lot more of Sardinian specialties. Everything so increable delicious.


Azienda Agrituristica Sa Mandra

Ristorante Ponte Vecchio Bosa

Ristorante Borgo S. Ignazio



Il Muto Di Gallura



Piazza Carmine 17 , 08013 Bosa, Italien


Travel route: 

Started in Aeroport Alghero di Fertilia and then went south to Bosa. Then north to Stintino and the east to Aggius via Isola Rossa.



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